When to go to Jordan?

The absolute best time of the year to visit Jordan are the months April and October. The temperature isn't too extreme, the major tourist attractions are accessible, the nights tend to be cooler and the landscape is green during these months.

Most travelers try to avoid to travel to Jordan during the months July, August and December. July and August tend to be very hot and dry and in December the higher altitude areas of Jordan can experience cold, rain and even snow.

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The best time to visit Jordan

The best time to visit Jordan is mainly determined by the weather. The absolute best months to visit Jordan are April and October. During these months the temperature isn’t too extreme (high 70s °F or 20s °C), but you can still visit sights like the ‘Dead Sea’, Petra, Jarash and the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’. The nights tend to be cooler and the landscape is green during this time of the year.

Unfortunately, sights like Petra (the main attraction of Jordan) are packed with tourists. To beat the traffic and avoid the crowd, skip the pre-arranged tours, get up early at 6 a.m. and take an alternate route through Little Petra into the city. If you want to avoid the tourist peak, consider visiting Jordan just before, or just after April and October.

The neutral months to visit Jordan

The weeks around the 'best time to visit' months April and October is normally a very reasonable time to go to Jordan. You are likely to encounter acceptable weather, but you avoid the large crowds. However, the month March can be cold and rainy in the higher altitude central and north of Jordan, but is a reasonable month to visit the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ and the ‘Dead Sea’. When you travel in the winter period of November to February, make sure that you have plenty of warm and waterproof cloths with you.

Better not to go to Jordan

Unless you have a reason to, or if you can stand the heat: try to avoid Jordan during the summer months July and August. During these months the country gets very hot and dry, although walking at night can be very pleasant in the summer months. Sights like Petra are very quite in these summer months (Petra is normally packed with tourists).

Unfortunately, Jordan is hosting some of its most interesting festivals during the summer (Jerash Festival and the Global Village festival). When you visit Jordan in the summer, make sure that you take precautions against the heat (hat, sunscreen and protective clothing).

With respect to December: especially the higher altitude areas (in the north) can experience cold, rain and sometimes even snow. Therefore December is not the best month to travel to Jordan. However, the lower altitude areas like the Dead sea, the Jordan Valley and the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ can be visited during the Jordanian winter

Due to low demand, off-season travelers can book the cheapest airline tickets to Jordan for the months July and August. Another relatively inexpensive time to fly is November through March, when snow, rain and wind hit the country (except the ‘Aqaba’ region).

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Jordanian weather and seasons

Although Jordan is quite a small country, climate differences are substantial and mainly based on altitude.

  • Summer: the lower areas of the country, like the ‘Jordan Valley’ and the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ suffer from the worst heat and humidity in the summer (July and August). Temperatures can move up to well over 86°F or 30°C, almost no rain will fall in the summer. In the desert (this includes Wadi Rum) the summer can also turn very hot, however, due to the dry air this is better to endure than regions with a high humidity.
  • Winter: the higher altitude ‘central’ and ‘northern’ areas on the other hand can be surprisingly cold in the winter (November to February). Snow can fall in Amman (exceptionally even in Petra) during the winter and the deserts can be freezing. The majority of the rain tends to fall in the winter, however these showers tend to be heavy but short. The ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ is an exception in the winter, as temperatures can still reach 68°F or 20°C in the winter.

Temperatures in the capital of Amman can range from 50°F in the winter, to over 86°F in the summer (12 to 30°C).

The weather overview pictures of Jordan below make perfectly clear why the periods around April and around October are the best time to go to Jordan: the temperature is comfortable (no extremes) and the amount of precipitation is limited.

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)
Weather of Jordan (°F) Weather of Jordan (°C)

Jordan map and current weather

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Best time to visit specific Jordanian highlights

  •  Petra (ancient Bedouin city): the best time to visit Petra is equal to the best time to visit Jordan: April and October. You can also consider the 'surrounding' months (March, May, September and November), to avoid the tourist peak. During these months the days tend to be longer, the temperatures aren't too extreme and you most likely will avoid the heavy rain (and even snow). Petra is located approximately 240 km south of Amman and is located up in the mountains. More information about Petra can be found here
  •  Amman: the best time to visit Amman (the capital of Jordan) is in the Spring (March to May) and the Autumn (September to November). The summer can be very hot, but bearable for some travelers. In the winter Amman can face heavy rain and even a bit of snow.
  •  Dead Sea: the dead sea is the lowest point on earth! Located 400 meters below sea level. Temperatures around the Dead sea and the Jordan Valley are normally around 10 degrees celcius higher than in Amman, due to the altitude difference.
  •  Global Village festival: is in July and is another way to learn about local heritage and folklore.
  •  ‘Gulf of Aqaba’: the best time to go to the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ is outside the Jordanian summer (unless you prefer the heat), temperatures are very comfortable in this period. Due to the low altitude, even in the winter an average temperature of 68°F or 20°C is reached.
  •  Jerash: this is the capital and the largest city of the 'Jerash Governorate' and is located in the North of Jordan. Jerash is best known for the ruins of the 'Greco-Roman' city of Gerasa, and is also referred to as Antioch on the Golden River. The best time to visit Jerash is obviously during the two weeks Jerash festival in July or August. Jerash is close to Amman, which makes it a nice day-trip from Amman.
  •  Jerash festival: this is a two weeks cultural festival in Jerash, held in the month July or August.
  •  Jordan valley: due to the low altitude, the Jordan Valley is very hot during the summer. For many travelers these temperatures can be inconvenient. Outside the summer, the temperatures are very reasonable and even during the Jordanian winter, the Jordan Valley is warm.
  •  Wadi Rum:

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Pay special attention to

  • Clothing: pants and ‘short sleeve’ shirts are the most common clothing in Jordan, try to avoid wearing shorts in public.
  • Eco-tourism: be aware that most of the eco-tourism projects operated in the nature reserves of Jordan (Dana, Wadi Mujib and Ajlun) only are in operation between April and October.
  • Ramadan: during the Holy month of Ramadan, visitors should not eat, drink or smoke in public, which makes it an awkward time to visit. Many businesses are closed or operate during limited hours. Some travelers like traveling during the Holy month of Ramadan to experience new traditions and enjoy the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, but others prefer to avoid the unfamiliar. The end-of-Ramadan celebration of Eid al-Fitr is a huge event, but it's nearly impossible to find public transportation or hotel rooms at this time.
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Interactive 'best time to visit countries' World Map

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