When to go to Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season, from December to March. In this period it rains the least, the humidity is the lowest, the temperature the most convenient and the most important festivals are hosted.

If you are flexible in traveling dates, it is recommendable to avoid traveling to Thailand during the 'rainy season' from July to October (some parts November). During these months the country receives the most rain.

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The best time to visit Thailand

Thailand can be visited almost year-round, but timing can optimize your travel significantly. In general, the best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season, from December to March. During this period it rains the least, it’s not too hot, humidity is the lowest of the year and this also is the time that most festivals are organized (e.g. Loi Krathong).

Below you find 'the best time to visit' Thailand, displayed per region. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of traveling outside the general recommended 'best time to go' to Thailand are discussed.

Northern and northeast Thailand
  • Northern and northeast Thailand: is best visited from November to February, this is the time with the least rain, the most favorable (lowest) temperature and the nicest scenery in the mountains. Due to the higher altitude compared to the other parts of Thailand, even March to July (hot season and early rainy season) is also seen as a reasonable time to go to the north and northeast of Thailand. Higher elevation is responsible for moderate temperatures, in the winter at night the temperature can even come close to 32°F or 0°C. The northern part of Thailand is receiving less rain than other parts of Thailand.
Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand and Bangkok
  • Central and Eastern Thailand: is best visited during the coolest time for this region: between November and March. The hot summer starts at the end of February and peaking in April, followed by the rainy season from May to October. It is recommendable to avoid these regions during the summer and the rainy season.
  • Beach destinations East of Thailand: for example Pattaya, Rayong and Koh Chang are best visited from December to April.
  • Bangkok: is best visited from December to April. Be aware that Bangkok always is hot and humid.
South of Thailand

The South of Thailand only has two main seasons: summer and the rainy season. Please, take notice of the distinction between the West side (Andaman Sea) and the East side (Gulf of Thailand) of the Thai and Malay Peninsula:

  • West coast (Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi): the best time to visit the South West of Thailand is from December to March (during the North American and the European winter). By visiting the West coast of Thailand during this time, you are most likely avoiding the monsoons and this is also the best time for diving and snorkeling.
  • East coast (Koh Samui, Hat Yai, Koh Phangan): the East coast of Thailand can be traveled almost year-round, but is best visited from January to May, to have the highest likelihood to avoid the monsoons. The lowest rainfall is reported in January and February, the highest in November!

The high season in Thailand is from November to April (Western people escaping their winter) and the months July and August (North American and European holiday). Obviously, this also is the time with the highest prices for accommodations and food.

For the people that like low prices: April to June and September and October normally give you the best value for money in terms of accommodations and shopping.

The neutral months to visit Thailand

  • November is a good month to start your travel in the North and continue to the eastern and central part of Thailand. If you move down to the beaches in the South in November or early December, it is recommendable to go to the beaches on the West coast (Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi), rather than the East coast (Koh Samui, Hat Yai, Koh Phangan).
  • April to June: traveling in the period from April to June leaves you plenty of good travel opportunities. You can start with the beach destinations on the East coast of Thailand. When the hot season kicks in (starting early as March in some regions) it is the best to go the the North part of Thailand. The temperature in the mountains is more moderate, the period of March to July is seen as a reasonable time to visit the North of Thailand.

Better not to go to Thailand

In general it is the best to avoid traveling to Thailand from July to October. This is the rainy season (with its peak rain in October and November). However, depending on month and location, this doesn’t always mean that it is raining whole days. Choosing your destination carefully, can make you have a splendid holiday in the ‘low’ season, with quality accommodation for low prices (discounts up to 50%!). During the rainy season you are avoiding the big crowds, the scenery is green, waterfalls are in full flow, but you will experience more rain than in the winter season.

  • East coast Thailand: it is not recommended to go to the East coast of Thailand during October and November, given that both the rainy season and the humidity reach their peak in these months.
  • Northeastern and Central Thailand: are best avoided from March to May, when temperatures can go up to 40°C.

Weather and seasons of Thailand

There are three main seasons in Thailand, below you find the seasons and when they occur for the most part of the country (the South only has the rainy and the cold season):

  • Hot season: March - June
  • Rainy season: July - October
  • Cold season: November - February

The weather overview pictures below (both °F and °C) perfectly show that during the 'hot season' (March to June) the average temperature goes a bit up. Further it is mainly the rainfall that determines the best time to go to Thailand. Most rain is received in August and September, but for example the East coast of Thailand is receiving the most precipitation in October and November. December to February is the period with both the lowest rainfall and the lowest temperature.

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)
Weather of Thailand (°F) Weather of Thailand (°C)

Map and current weather of Thailand

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Click on the weather icon to see the forecast for the next days.
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Best time to visit specific highlights of Thailand

  • Hua Hin: the best time to visit Hua Hin is during the cool season, from December to March.
  • Phuket:
  • Songkran Festival:

Below you find 2 recommended travel adventures in Thailand, organized by G Adventures.

Highlights of Thailand Thailand Island Hopping
Highlights of Thailand Thailand Island Hopping

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Pay special attention to

  • Clothing: especially woman should dress conservatively when entering religious buildings or sights.
  • Jet-ski: be reluctant with renting jet-skis, since you can become the victim of the well known 'jet-ski scam'. Jet-ski operators will force you (under threat of violence) to pay a lot of money for damage to the jet-ski that was already present to the jet-ski before it had been rented to you.
  • Shoes: take off your shoes when entering somebody's house. This can also be applicable in some shops and other companies. Also, never point your foot to somebody, or step over somebody. This is perceived as a big insult in Thailand.
  • The Royal family: never insult the King or the Royal family of Thailand in any way. You could end up in serious trouble, or even in prison!
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Interactive 'best time to visit countries' World Map

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Do you have a question about visiting Thailand? Or do you want to share your knowledge of Thailand with other travelers? Please, visit our Thailand forum.

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