When to go to Nepal?

The absolute ‘best time to visit’ Nepal is in Autumn, from October to November. The dry air and clear skies create the perfect view in the mountains during these months. The second ‘best time to go’ to Nepal is spring, from March to April. The temperature is rising, interesting colorful wildflowers emerge, but be aware that haze can be present at lower altitudes.

It can be advisable to avoid traveling to Nepal from May to August and from December to early February. The temperature can be low, the visibility bad, or trails and roads can be blocked due to rain or snow.

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The best time to visit Nepal

  • Best time (October and November): the start of the ‘dry season’ is the absolute best time to visit Nepal. The sky is clear, the air is dry and clean and the scenery is still green and lush by the recently finished monsoon. The Himalayan view is nearly perfect and definitely the best of the year. The Kathmandu daytime temperature is comfortable (up to 73°F or 23°C), the nights can be chilly. The temperature in Chitwan and Pokhara is a bit higher. Another advantage of visiting Nepal in October and November: many important (Hindu) festivals are hosted during these months (e.g. the ‘Dashain’ and the ‘Tihar’ festival).
  • Second best time (March and April): spring is the second best time to visit Nepal (the end of the ‘dry season’). The weather is getting warmer and drier, making the higher altitude treks more comfortable. However, at lower elevations ‘haze’ can be present in the mountains. The skies are usually clear in the mornings, but the clouds in the afternoon also bring occasional rain showers. Due to the mix of heat and rain, many wildflowers emerge (e.g. Rhododendrons). In general, the scenery is reasonable green during this period of the year and, this also is rice-planting time. The temperature in Kathmandu and Pokhara can be up to 86°F or 30°C, the temperature in Chitwan can go as high as 95°F or 35°C. There is an improved view in National Parks, due to the cut of the Terai’s long grass.
  • Terai and the Royal Chitwan National Park: these are best visited from October to February. This ‘best time to visit’ is the opposite as for the most other destinations and activities in Nepal. These sights are located in the warmer lowlands of Nepal, explaining the deviating travel recommendations.

The high season in Nepal is from October to November and March to April, depending on number of tourists, the prices could be a bit higher than during the low season.

The neutral months to visit Nepal

The ‘shoulder’ season is around February and September when the country is in transition from the ‘dry’ to the ‘wet’ season, or vice versa. With a bit of luck, February (especially the second part) can already give comfortable circumstances for a trekking, with probably fewer fellow travelers and lower prices.

Better not to go to Nepal

  • December to mid-February: the view in the mountains is still good, but it can be very cold at higher altitudes (this is the coldest period of the year). It is possible to trek during the winter (preferably at lower elevations), but some routes in the mountains can be closed due to occasional snow storms. Also, expect cold nights and mornings, as some cheaper hotels lack heating in Kathmandu and other cities. Most tourists leave Kathmandu in December, in search for the warmer climates of Thailand and India.
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  • May to early June: extremely hot and dusty, with high temperatures. These circumstances are uncomfortable for outdoor activities. However, for people that can stand the heat, this period can be an option for a trekking.
  • Mid-June to September: the monsoon arrived, meaning showers on a daily basis. The trails and roads are muddy and sometimes roads can be blocked or transport be delayed. The visibility is very poor, due to the rain clouds. A trekking is not recommended in this period! The temperature is uncomfortable high and rain falls almost daily. Most of the time, the water level in the rivers is too high for rafting during this period.

People who can only visit Nepal during the monsoon period can consider an alternative (summer) trekking. This trekking takes place in the ‘trans-Himalayan’ regions of Mustang, Dolpo and Tibet. These regions are located in the ‘rain-shadow’ and are therefore receiving significantly less rain than the regions more to the South.

Nepal tourism
Nepal tourism

The best time to visit Nepal
Best time visit Nepal
Amazing Nepal
Amazing Nepal

Beautiful Nepal
Beautiful Nepal

Weather and seasons of Nepal

Nepal has several climate types (from tropical to arctic) in a single country, mainly depending on altitude. We can roughly distinct 3 climates zones, related to the following regions:
  • Terai-region (low land): in the South of the country, facing a hot, humid and tropical climate.
  • Mid-land regions: mild climate area, comfortable year-round, with sometimes colder nights.
  • Mountain region in the North: alpine climate, with lower temperatures, especially in the winter.
Nepal has four climatic seasons:
  • Spring (March to May): warmer at the lower altitudes of Nepal and a moderate temperature at the higher altitude areas. This is the season of flowers to blossom, especially the famous Nepalese ‘rhododendron’, creating an amazing colorful landscape.
  • Summer (June to August): completely part of the monsoon seasons: the weather is hot, humid and it rains almost daily.
  • Autumn (September to November): best time to visit: comfortable weather and perfect view in the mountains.
  • Winter (December to February): cool weather, cold nights and occasional snowfall in higher elevations.

In terms of monsoons, there are two seasons in Nepal: the ‘dry’ season from October to May and the ‘monsoon’ season from June to September.

The weather overview pictures below (both °F and °C) perfectly show that the most precipitation falls from June to September in Nepal. You can see that the recommended 'best time to visit' months have the best balance of temperature and precipitation.

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)
Weather of Nepal (°F) Weather of Nepal (°C)

Map and current weather of Nepal

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Click on the weather icon to see the forecast for the next days.
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Best time to visit specific highlights of Nepal

  • Chitwan National Park:
  • Dashain festival:
  • Kathmandu:
  • Tihar festival:
  • Terai:

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Nepal Adventure Delhi to Kathmandu Adventure
Nepal Adventure Delhi to Kathmandu Adventure

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Pay special attention to

  • Weather conditions: always be prepared on changing weather conditions, especially at high elevation! Make sure that your clothing is suitable for the changing weather (wear different layers of clothing).
  • UV radiation: protect yourself against UV radiation, especially at high elevation.
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Interactive 'best time to visit countries' World Map

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Do you have a question about visiting Nepal? Or do you want to share your knowledge of Nepal with other travelers? Please, visit our Nepal forum.

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