When to go to Mongolia?

The best months of the year to visit Mongolia are June (the Gobi desert), July (the Naadam Festival), August (the green steppes) and September (the Gobi desert).

Most travelers try to avoid to go to Mongolia from November to April.

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The best time to visit Mongolia

The best time to visit Mongolia is during the Mongolian summer, this lasts from June till September. This is the safest time of the year to travel to Mongolia in terms of weather and hours of sun. During this period you can visit, among others, the famous “Naadam festival” (July) and visit Gobi (June and September best).

In July and August there is sufficient rainfall to make the steppes lush and green. The Mongolian summer is the peak season for the tourist industry, obviously this also leads to higher prices. In May and September the prices are quite a bit lower and queues for popular attractions are considerably shorter, though there is a good chance of good weather.

The neutral months to visit Mongolia

The 'neutral' months May, October and for some June are referred to as the “shoulder season”. Early May you can experience exciting weather (dust storms), see the nomadic herders relocating to their summer locations and in the east of the country you can see Gazelles migrating. Most services are available in May, this is a month that's suitable for the more adventures people.

Better not to go to Mongolia

It is less recommended to go off season (November till April), unless you have a special goal to go during this period, or you like low prices and a lot of personal attention. In the winter it requires many layers of cloths to keep you warm, but given the limited wind and snowfall you can still get around pretty easily.

Amazing Mongolia

Fantastic Mongolia
Fantastic Mongolia
Mongolian Tourist commercial
Mongolia for tourists

Mongolia Gobi desert
Gobi desert

Mongolian weather and seasons

Mongolia is on the same latitude zone as Europe and the US. Some major tourist cities and sights like Karakorum, Lake Khuvsgul, Khorgo-Terkh National Park and Gorkhi-Terej National Park experience similar weather as some parts of the US and Europe. Note that the Gobi desert is hotter than other parts of the country.

The Mongolian seasons are the following:

  •  Spring: March to June
  •  Summer: June to September
  •  Autumn (fall): September to November
  •  Winter: November to February

The weather overview pictures below (both °F and °C) perfectly show that the summer months June to September have the most convenient temperature to travel in Mongolia. Although most rain falls during the summer, the amount is very limited, but sufficient to make the steppes lush and green. The temperature in the Gobi desert is higher than the average temperature in Mongolia, therefore the months June and September are the best to go to the Gobi desert.

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)
Weather of Mongolia (°F) Weather of Mongolia (°C)

Map of Mongolia and current weather

Drag the yellow iconStreetview iconto a location on the map for the "Google streetview" mode.
Click on the weather icon to see the forecast for the next days.
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Best time to visit specific Mongolian destinations

  •  Gobi: The best time to visit the Gobi desert is in June and September as temperatures are not so high then. Gobi can perfectly be visited in July and August, but be prepared for higher temperatures. April and October are acceptable, but note that tourist camps are closed in October. May can be a good month if you like warmer, but not too hot weather conditions.
  •  Gorkhi-Terelj National Park: the best time to visit the Gorkhi-Terelj national park is in the Mongolian summer, from June to September.
  •  Karakorum: the best time to visit the Karakorum site (ruins of the capital of the great Mongol Empire) is in the Mongolian summer.
  •  Lake Khuvsgul: July and August are good months to visit the Khuvsgul Lake, but if you want to avoid the large number of tourists you can try the Mongolian autumn (September to November).
  •  Mongolian grassland: the best time to travel to the Mongolian grassland is from August to October.
  •  Naadam Festival: is a nation wide festival held during the midsummer national holiday from July 11th till July 13th. It is a traditional type of festival locally termed as "the three games of men". These three games are: Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing. The biggest festival is held in the capital of Ulaanbatar in the National sports stadium. Smaller scale festivals are held in other cities and towns across the nation. Experienced Mongolia travelers recommend to see the festival outside Ulaanbaatar.
  •  Ulaanbaatar: the best time to visit Ulaanbaatar is from June to September. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and catering almost all incoming international flights. For many tourists, Ulaanbaatar is the starting point of their Mongolia travel.
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Mongolia holidays

Below you find 2 recommended travel adventures in Mongolia, organized by G Adventures.

Naadam Festival Mongolia Trans Mongolian Express
Naadam Festival Mongolia Trans Mongolian Express

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Skiing in Mongolia

In 2009 Mongolia opened its first ski resort called "Sky Resort". It is located on the almost 1000 meter high "Bogd Khan Uul" mountain and is overlooking the capital of "Ulan Bator". Altough the temperatures are quite low "Bogd Khan Uul" doesn't receive that much snow, therefore artificial snow guaruantees sufficient snow year round. The resort has nine slopes, plenty of instructors and low ticket prices. You probably won't visit Mongolia for skiing, but the "Sky Resort" is a nice daytrip option though. The ski resort is opened year round, check the website for time tables.

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