When to go to Maldives?

The best time to visit the Maldives is from December to March. This is the 'dry monsoon' period, when the islands receive the least rain, the most hours of sun and when the humidity is the lowest.

If you are flexible in traveling dates, it can be advisable to avoid traveling to the Maldives from July to October. During this period you are more likely to experience rain, storms and a clouded sky.

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The best time to visit Maldives

The best time to visit the Maldives is from December to March. This is the period of the dry monsoon, when the islands receive less rain, more hours of sun and the humidity is the lowest of the year. This period coincides with ‘winter time’ in most Western countries.

  • Surfing: the best time to go to the Maldives is from March to October. Fortunately, this covers for a large part the ‘low’ season, meaning that you can find cheaper accommodations and lower airfares.
  • Diving: diving is good year-round, however the months April and November are reported as the best months for diving in the Maldives (in terms of visibility). Note that the wildlife on the reef and visibility changes during the year. When booking your accommodation, keep in mind that from May to November the visibility and wildlife is the best on the western side of any atoll, while from December to April it is the best on the eastern side of any atoll.

The Maldives actively promote themselves as a winter destination for North Americans and Europeans, escaping their cold homeland. Therefore, the ‘best time to visit the Maldives’ also is the most expensive time to go. Note that the Christmas to New Year period (and around) is the most crowded and most expensive time of the year. Booking in advance for this period is a must. Easter also is a busy time for the Maldives.

The neutral months to visit Maldives

April and November are the ‘shoulder’ months, when the country is in transition from the dry to the wet season or vice versa. These months are a good choice for divers, since the transition of season causes increased visibility.

The months May and June are also considered reasonable months to travel to the Maldives. During these months you can benefit from lower prices (prices tend to drop after April 30th) and likely have acceptable weather.

Better not to go to Maldives

When you are flexible in traveling dates and budget, it can be advisable to avoid traveling to the Maldives from July to October. This is the peak of the ‘wet monsoon’, meaning that rains, storms and a clouded sky are more likely to occur. However, this doesn’t mean that it completely destroys your holiday; the Maldives can be visited year-round. The humidity also is the highest during this time of the year. The temperature however remains fairly stable year-round: 86°F or 30°C.

Obviously, the peak of the ‘wet’ monsoon is the low season to travel to the Maldives, resulting in substantial lower prices for resorts and other accommodations. The month August normally is an exception, since many Western people tend to travel to the Maldives during their main holiday.

As discussed before: keep in mind that the period from March to November is the best time for surfing.

Maldives tourism
Maldives tourism

The best time to visit Maldives
Best time visit Maldives
Amazing Maldives
Amazing Maldives

Beautiful Maldives
Beautiful Maldives

Weather and seasons of Maldives

The Maldives only has two seasons:

  • Dry northeast monsoon: December to March (little rain and lower humidity)
  • Wet south western monsoon: May to November (storms and rain are more likely to occur, the sky is more clouded and the humidity is the highest of the year).
G Adventures Asia

The temperature is fairly constant over the year, due to its location close to the equator: 86°F or 30°C. The weather overview pictures below (both °F and °C) perfectly show stable temperature year-round. They also show that the least rain falls in the months February and March.

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)
Weather of Maldives (°F) Weather of Maldives (°C)

Map and current weather of Maldives

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Click on the weather icon to see the forecast for the next days.
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Best time to visit specific highlights of Maldives

  • Malé: the best time to go to Malé is from December through March. This is the time with the lowest humidity, the clearest skies and the least chance to encounter a storm.
Instead of staying on the Maldives, an attractive alternative is to cruise through the Maldives islands to discover isolated beaches, fishing villages and snorkel around the amazing coral. Several companies offer these cruises, the Maldives Dhoni Cruise organized by G Adventures is a recommended one.

Maldives Dhoni Cruise
Maldives Dhoni Cruise

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Pay special attention to

  • Ramadan: the Maldives is an Islamic country. If you are planning to spend time outside your resort and visit inhabited islands (e.g. Male), it is advisable to avoid the Ramadan (flexible dates). During this period shops and restaurants can be closed and the local population is less set to receiving tourists.
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Interactive 'best time to visit countries' World Map

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Do you have a question about visiting the Maldives? Or do you want to share your knowledge of Maldives with other travelers? Please, visit our Maldives forum.

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