When to go to Hong Kong?

The absolute ‘best time to visit’ Hong Kong is from October through December.

It can be advisable to avoid traveling to Hong Kong from May through September.

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The best time to visit Hong Kong

By far the best time to visit Hong Kong are the months October through December (autumn). During these months the sky is clear and sunny and the temperature ranges between a comfortable [70° to 78°F], or [21°to 26°C] during the day and it falls a bit at night (especially in December). Also, the humidity drops to below 70% and there is a nice mild breeze during these months.

The week following October 1st (National Day) is one of the ‘golden weeks’ in Hong Kong. Meaning that many tourists arrive in Hong Kong in this week, it is a must to book your accommodation in advance. October and November in general are the most crowded months of the Hong Kong with respect to the number of tourists, this also leads to higher prices. Close to Christmas the best shopping deals can be found in Hong Kong, this also applies to the period just after the Chinese New Year festivities. Budget travelers best go in the summer or the winter season.

The neutral months to visit Hong Kong

January through April is a reasonable time to go to Hong Kong (especially March and April). The winter months of January and February are the coldest of the year, when the temperature ranges between [50°F to 60°F], or [10°C to 16°C]. The advantage of these winter months is that there is hardly any rain. During the following months of March through April, the temperature rises to respectively [64° to 81°F], or [18° to 27°C] and the humidity goes up to about 85%. Although the temperature is comfortable, the fog and rain increase during these months, impacting the view of several tourist sites. Spring is the cloudiest season of the year in Hong Kong, which is the biggest disadvantage of this season.

The Chinese New Year (between late January and early February) is an exciting event, but make sure that you book your accommodation in advance! The same applies to the three day lasting national holiday, starting at the first of May.

Better not to go to Hong Kong

When you are flexible in traveling dates, it can be advisable to avoid traveling to Hong Kong in the period from May through August (the Hong Kong summer). The heat starts to kick in around the month May and is increasing further in the following months. The temperature ranges between [89° to 99°F], or [32° to 37°C] in the summer and the humidity goes up to 90%, or even higher. To make things worse: during this time of the year (especially in July and August), Hong Kong receives by far the most rain and this also is the typhoon season for the country! August is the rainiest month of Hong Kong and in September you have the biggest chance of experiencing a typhoon. Note that typhoons Hong Kong has an advanced warning system, meaning that you will never be surprised by a typhoon or storm.

On the other hand: due to the lower demand, traveling around Hong Kong is significantly cheaper in the summer period. In Hong Kong festivals and events are organized throughout the year, despite the less advantage weather, the summer offers enough activities. For example: in the month June the ‘Dragon Boat’ festival is organized, which is a very nice tourist attraction. In the summer it is wise to always have an umbrella with you.

Weather and seasons of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate: resulting in mild winters and hot and humid summers. The typhoon season in Hong Kong is from May to November. The rainy season is in the summer.

Hong Kong has four climatic seasons:

  • Spring: March to May
  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn: September to November
  • Winter: December to February

The weather overview pictures below (both °F and °C) perfectly show that.

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)

Map and current weather of Hong Kong

Drag the yellow iconStreetview iconto a location on the map for the "Google streetview" mode.
Click on the weather icon to see the forecast for the next days.
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Best time to visit specific highlights of Hong Kong

  • China: the best time to visit China are the months April through May and September through October. The best month to visit both China and Hong Kong therefore is the month October. The second best month to visit both countries are April and November.

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China on a Shoestring: Hong Kong to Beijing Beijing to Hong Kong Express
China on a Shoestring: Hong Kong to Beijing Beijing to Hong Kong Express

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Pay special attention to

  • May Day and National Day: try to avoid the week following the first of May (May Day) and the first of October (National Day). These are the busiest weeks of the year, leading to high prices and poor availability of accommodations.
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Interactive 'best time to visit countries' World Map

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