When to go to Bangladesh?

The best time to visit Bangladesh is during the 'cool season' (October to March). The absolute best time of the year to travel to Bangladesh is from November through February.

Most travelers try to avoid to travel to Bangladesh from May to September.

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The best time to visit Bangladesh

The best time to visit Bangladesh is during the ‘cool season’, the period from November through February is generally spoken the best time to travel to Bangladesh. This is the time when the monsoons are over and the climate becomes soothing. The best time to go to Bangladesh is primarily determined by the weather. During this ‘cool season’, the skies are clear, the weather is dry and the average temperature is a comfortable 77°F or 25°C. The temperature ranges from 50 to 86°F (10 to 30°C) during these months.

The ‘cool season’ is the peak tourist season for Bangladesh, with the capital Dhaka as the main airport to cater the inflow of tourists. Obviously, like anywhere else, more demand will lead to higher prices in the peak season.

During the ‘cool season’, a large number of festivals get organized, see the highlights of Bangladesh section for details.

The neutral months to visit Bangladesh

The ‘neutral ‘months to visit Bangladesh are March, April and October. In March and April, the country is in a transition from the ‘cool season’ to the ‘hot season’ and later the ‘wet season’. March normally is a comfortable month to visit Bangladesh, in April temperatures and humidity already start to rise.

The month October normally is the transition month from the ‘wet season’ to the ‘cool season’. Note that Hurricanes can occur around May and June and also around October and November.

You can visit most tourist spots in Bangladesh during the 'neutral months', but you need to take extra precautions to avoid sunburns. There is no problem in finding transport and hotels to stay during this period, prices tend to be a bit lower than in the ‘high season’.

Better not to go to Bangladesh

The monsoon rains arrive at the shores of Bangladesh at the end of May, which is the start of the 'wet season'. The rainy season continues up to September (and sometimes early October). It is wise to avoid traveling to Bangladesh during the 'wet season'! The climate during ’the wet season’ is highly similar to the Gulf Coast in the US. Cyclones occur during this period, though more than category three or four cyclones are very rare. A staggering 75% of the annual rainfall occurs between June and September, the humidity during the ‘wet season’ is almost unbearable.

The cyclones which hit the coasts of Bangladesh are caused by depressions occurring in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. These cyclones, along with heavy rainfall and high winds, disrupt power and transport, especially along the coast of Bangladesh. Disruptions are sometimes so extensive that it takes days to bring everything back to normal.

The ‘wet season’ is a totally off-season for tourists. The after effects caused by cyclones and the heavy rains may result in acute distress for visitors. As this a bad season to visit Bangladesh, the tourist spots offer very low rates. Only the brave and the adventurous can think of visiting Bangladesh during these months, to take advantage of the low rates that hotels, transport companies and ‘tour operators’ offer.

Bangladesh tourism
Bangladesh tourism

Best time to visit Bangladesh
Amazing Bangladesh
The best time to visit Bangladesh
Best time visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh tourism
Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh weather and seasons

Bangladesh has three main seasons and they are as follows:
  •  Hot season: March to mid-May
  •  Wet or Monsoonal season: late May to early October
  •  Cool season: mid-October to the end of February

Three months starting from April to June are the hottest months while the period from October to March is the coolest period in Bangladesh. The temperature in the summer months may vary from 21°C to 34°C. The temperature during the winter months may vary from 10°C to 29°C.

The rainy or the monsoon season causes the maximum amount of discomfort to the people of Bangladesh. The climate during this part of the year is very similar to that of the Gulf Coast in the United States, and cyclones have caused large scale devastation and destruction to the coastal and interior areas of Bangladesh.

The weather overview pictures below (both °F and °C) make perfectly clear that the best time to go to Bangladesh is from November to February. During this period, the temperature is comfortable without extremes and the amount of precipitation is limited. Pay attention to the extreme amount of precipitation that hits the country from May to September, if not for a good reason, it's best to avoid the country during these months!

Temperature and precipitation overview (°F) Temperature and precipitation overview (°C)
Weather of Bangladesh (°F) Weather of Bangladesh (°C)

Bangladesh map and current weather

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Best time to visit specific highlights of Bangladesh

There are many tourist spots to visit in Bangladesh, like amazing beaches, historical monuments, resorts and forests. Below you find the 'best time to go' to the most important attractions of Bangladesh.

  •  Cox’s Bazar: Bangladesh’s tourist capital is Cox’s Bazar, with the world’s longest (natural sandy) beach. The beach measures almost 120 kilometers of golden sand with towering cliffs on one side and slopes that fall gently into the Bay of Bengal. The best time of the year to visit Cox’s Bazar is during the ’cool season’ from October to May.
  •  Ahsan Manzil: another Mughal structure which was the seat of the Nawab family in Dhaka. Construction of this residential palace beside the Buriganga river was done from 1859 to 1869. Later it was converted into the Bangladesh National Museum. A visit to Ahsan Manzil is possible throughout the year.
  •  Bengali Language Day: on February 21st.
  •  Durga Puja: Hindu festival celebrated in October.
  •  Eid al-Adha: one of the biggest Muslim festivals, held in October.
  •  Foy’s Lake: this is a man-made lake, created by an Assam-Bengal Railway engineer named Mr. Foy in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh. This lake has theme parks, a water park, restaurants, rides and many other tourist attractions. Foy’s Lake can (best) be visited during the period stretching from October to May.
  •  Independence Day: on March 26th.
  •  Jaflong: if you want to see nature’s beauty, you can visit Jaflong in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh. This place is located on the Indo Bangladesh border and situated just below the mountain ranges. You can visit Jaflong spot at any time of the year.
  •  Kuakata Beach: beach in the southernmost tip of Bangladesh, which is famous for viewing the sunsets and sunrises. The best time to visit Kuakata Beach is from October to May, when normally there is no cloudy weather to obstruct the view.
  •  Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka: a Mughal fort constructed by a Mughal Subedar named Muhammad Azam Shah in 1678, but was never completed. You can visit The Lalbagh Fort at any time of the year, but it is advisable to avoid the rainy period from June to September.
  •  Lawachara National Park: which has plenty of tropical fauna living in a tropical forest.
  •  Muharram: great festival, which gets celebrated by the Muslim community in November.
  •  Nafa-khum: the largest waterfall of the country.
  •  Patenga Beach: this beach is the most favorite place for tourists and is located about twenty kilometers from the southern city of Chittagong. Though swimming is not recommended here, you can see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets from this narrow beach. The best time to visit Patenga Beach is during the months of October through May, when the sky is clear to get a view of the magnificent sunrises and sunsets.
  •  Somapura Mahavira: a site in Bangladesh which has a highly important archaeological value. It is located in Paharpur, in the Naogaon district and is an ancient and well known Buddhist shrine, which has become a World Heritage Site in 1985. You can visit Somapura Mahavira at any time of the year.
  •  St. Martin’s Island: which is a small coral island with lovely beaches and coconut palms located south-west about 10 kilometers away from the southern tip of the country.
  •  Sunderbans: this is the world’s largest mangrove forest, spread over a vast southern area of Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. It is famous for its fauna, especially the Royal Bengal Tiger. The best time to visit Sunderbans is during the months of October to March (the ‘cool season’), as the rainy season brings with it the chances of cyclones and disruption of normal life.
  •  Victory Day: on December 16th.
  •  WWII Cemetery and Circuit House: this cemetery in Chittagong is the resting place of 755 soldiers who died in the Second World War. The upkeep of this cemetery is carried out by the “Commonwealth War Graves Commission”. You can visit this place at any time of the year, except during the the rainy season, when traveling becomes difficult.

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Pay special attention to

There are a few things you need to consider when you are planning to visit Bangladesh:

  •  Actual developments: always keep yourself updated about the situation on the streets as you may encounter flash strikes, which can hamper your movements.
  •  Chittagong Hill Tracts: avoid going to the Chittagong Hill Tracts, if you do not have any compulsion to.
  •  Clothing: wear full length clothing as far as possible when you move about.
  •  Ramadan: try to avoid visiting Bangladesh during the holy month of Ramadan (flexible dates), when people abstain from taking food. You might find it difficult to get food for yourself, as many businesses will be closed.
  •  Timing: try not to visit Bangladesh during the months of June and July, when the monsoon in Bangladesh is at its severest (see ‘best time to visit’ sections).
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